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1999 World Series of Poker

1999 WSOP Overview
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The 1999 World Series of Poker started on April 26 with the $1,500 Limit Hold 'Em. The Main Event was scheduled to run for four days starting on May 10, the 16th event of the festival, a decrease of five from 1998.

WSOP Schedule
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14/26$1,500Limit Hold 'Em
24/27$1,500Seven-Card Razz
34/28$2,500Limit Hold 'Em
44/29$2,500Seven-Card Stud
54/30$2,500Omaha Pot-Limit
65/1$2,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better
75/2$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
85/3$2,500Limit Omaha
95/4$2,500Omaha 8 or Better
105/5$3,000Limit Hold 'Em
115/6$3,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
125/7$3,000Hold 'Em Pot-Limit
135/8$5,000Limit Hold 'Em
145/9$1,000Women's Seven-Card Stud
155/9$1,500Omaha 8 or Better
165/10$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em

Main Event Final Hand
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A remarkable three Irishmen make deep runs, with George McKeever finishing seventh, Padraig Parkinson finishing third, and Noel Furlong, who eliminated both of them, reaching heads-up play with roughly the same number of chips as American Alan Goehring.

Furlong dominates the action with his aggressiveness, and with a 3-to-1 chip lead he limps from the button with Fives. Both players check the flop, but Goehring's check-raise on the turn is met by an all in. Pot-committed, he calls only to find he is drawing dead to two outs. Neither come, and he settles for $768,625. Furlong takes the title and $1,000,000 across the Atlantic.

Noel Furlong
Alan Goehring

Main Event Summary
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DatesMay 10 to May 13
Players393 (36 cashed)
WinnerNoel Furlong ($1,000,000, Ireland)
Runner-UpAlan Goehring ($768,625)
Final Table Bubble BoyGeorge McKeever (7th, $125,775)
Money Bubble Boyunknown (37th)
Last Champ StandingHuck Seed (6th, $167,700)
Last Woman StandingJoanne Bortner (did not cash; now known as J.J. Liu)
Last Celebrity StandingHal Kant (21st, $27,950)
In 50 CharactersFurlong leads Irish attack (Parkinson & McKeever).

WSOP Wrapup
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Although an Irishman won the Main Event, this would be the last year that Americans won every preliminary event.

Two women finished second in open events -- Mimi Tran ($2,500 Limit Hold 'Em) and Annie Duke ($5,000 Limit Hold 'Em) -- and Marsha Waggoner came in third in the $5,000 Omaha 8 or Better.

WSOP Results
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#BuyinEventWinnerPrizeEntriesHendon Link
1$1,500Limit Hold 'EmCharles Brahmi$338,000609Hendon Link
2$1,500Seven-Card RazzPaul Clark$84,610141Hendon Link
3$2,500Limit Hold 'EmJohn Esposito$219,225237Hendon Link
4$2,500Seven-Card StudDavid Grey$199,000199Hendon Link
5$2,500Omaha Pot-LimitHassan Kamoei$173,000173Hendon Link
6$2,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or BetterRon Long$170,000170Hendon Link
7$2,500No-Limit Hold 'EmEric Holum$283,975307Hendon Link
8$2,500Limit OmahaTom Franklin$104,000104Hendon Link
9$2,500Omaha 8 or BetterSteve Badger$186,000186Hendon Link
10$3,000Limit Hold 'EmJosh Arieh$202,800169Hendon Link
11$3,500No-Limit Hold 'EmMike Matusow$265,475205Hendon Link
12$3,000Hold 'Em Pot-LimitLayne Flack$224,400187Hendon Link
13$5,000Limit Hold 'EmEli Balas$220,000187Hendon Link
14$1,000Women's Seven-Card StudChristina Pie$34,00085Hendon Link
15$1,500Omaha 8 or BetterMike Wattel$134,865243Hendon Link
16$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'EmNoel Furlong$1,000,000393Hendon Link

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