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2000 World Series of Poker

2000 WSOP Overview
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The 2000 World Series of Poker started on April 22 with the $500 Dealers Tournament - Limit Hold 'Em. The Main Event was scheduled to run for four days starting on May 15, the 24th event of the festival, an increase of eight from 1999.

The first mixed games event debuted, as the Ladies Championship was split between Seven-Card Stud and Limit Hold 'Em.

WSOP Schedule
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14/22$500Dealers Tournament - Limit Hold 'Em
24/24$2,000Limit Hold 'Em
34/25$1,500Seven-Card Stud
44/26$1,500Limit Omaha
54/27$1,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo
64/28$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha
74/29$1,500Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
84/30$2,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
95/1$2,500Seven-Card Stud
105/2$2,000Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
115/3$3,000Limit Hold 'Em
125/4$5,000No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw
135/4$2,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo
145/5$2,500Pot-Limit Omaha
155/6$1,500Limit Ace-to-Five Draw
165/7$2,500Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
175/8$1,500Seven-Card Razz
185/9$3,000Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
195/10$5,000Seven-Card Stud
205/11$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
215/12$5,000Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
225/13$5,000Limit Hold 'Em
235/14$1,000Women's Championship (Limit Hold 'Em/Seven-Card Stud)
245/15$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em

Main Event Final Hand
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Chris Ferguson reaches the six-player final table with more than half of the chips, while T.J. Cloutier has the short stack with only 7% as many chips. Cloutier plans to let Ferguson knock everyone else out and slide into second place. Once that works, Cloutier whittles away at his nearly 12-to-1 deficit to take the lead from the less experienced player.

Ferguson edges back out in front then reraises preflop with Ace-Nine. Cloutier fires back all in, and Ferguson ponders five minutes before calling only to find that he is nearly a 3-to-1 underdog. Cloutier survives the innocuous flop and turn, but Ferguson hits his three-outer on the river to take the title and $1,500,000. Cloutier earns $896,500.

Chris Ferguson
T.J. Cloutier

Main Event Summary
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DatesMay 15 to May 18
Players512 (45 cashed)
WinnerChris Ferguson ($1,500,000, U.S.)
Runner-UpT.J. Cloutier ($896,500)
Final Table Bubble BoyJeff Shulman (7th, $146,700)
Money Bubble Boyunknown (46th)
Last Champ StandingPhil Hellmuth (did not cash)
Last Woman StandingAnnie Duke (10th, $52,160)
Last Celebrity Standingunknown (did not cash)
In 50 CharactersFerguson upends Cloutier, who finishes 2nd again.

WSOP Wrapup
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Chris Ferguson was the year's only double bracelet winner, capturing the $2,500 Seven-Card Stud and the Main Event.

Phil Ivey won his first bracelet, the $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha, defeating Amarillo Slim Preston heads-up in the last final table appearance of his career.

Two women won open bracelets: Jerri Thomas took down the $1,500 Seven-Card Stud, and Jennifer Harman conquered the $5,000 No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw after a crash course from Howard Lederer.

Ivo Donev won Austria's first WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 Limit Omaha, and Nat Koe won Thailand's first in the $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

Annie Duke played in the Main Event while eight months pregnant and just missed reaching the final table when her Ace-Nine ran into Ferguson's pocket Aces.

With the $896,500 T.J. Cloutier collected for his runner-up finish in the Main Event, he took over the all-time lead in WSOP winnings.

WSOP Results
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#BuyinEventWinnerPrizeEntriesHendon Link
1$500Dealers Tournament - Limit Hold 'EmDave Alizadeh$21,800109Hendon Link
2$2,000Limit Hold 'EmHieu Ngoc Ma$367,040496Hendon Link
3$1,500Seven-Card StudJerri Thomas$135,825245Hendon Link
4$1,500Limit OmahaIvo Donev$85,800143Hendon Link
5$1,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/LoRandy Holland$120,990218Hendon Link
6$1,500Pot-Limit OmahaJohnny Chan$179,400299Hendon Link
7$1,500Limit Omaha Hi/LoNat Koe$160,950290Hendon Link
8$2,000No-Limit Hold 'EmDiego Cordovez$293,040396Hendon Link
9$2,500Seven-Card StudChris Ferguson$151,000151Hendon Link
10$2,000Pot-Limit Hold 'EmJimmy Athanas$173,900235Hendon Link
11$3,000Limit Hold 'EmChris Tsiprailidis$213,600178Hendon Link
12$5,000No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven DrawJennifer Harman$146,25065Hendon Link
13$2,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/LoJoe Wynn$129,000129Hendon Link
14$2,500Pot-Limit OmahaPhil Ivey$195,000195Hendon Link
15$1,500Limit Ace-to-Five DrawRichard Dunberg$76,200127Hendon Link
16$2,500Limit Omaha Hi/LoMichael Sohayegh$160,000160Hendon Link
17$1,500Seven-Card RazzHuck Seed$77,400129Hendon Link
18$3,000Pot-Limit Hold 'EmMike Carson$222,000200Hendon Link
19$5,000Seven-Card StudDavid Chiu$202,000101Hendon Link
20$3,000No-Limit Hold 'EmChris Bjorin$334,110301Hendon Link
21$5,000Limit Omaha Hi/LoHoward Lederer$198,00099Hendon Link
22$5,000Limit Hold 'EmJay Heimowitz$284,000142Hendon Link
23$1,000Women's Championship (Limit Hold 'Em/Seven-Card Stud)Nani Dollison$53,200133Hendon Link
24$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'EmChris Ferguson$1,500,000512Hendon Link

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