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2007 World Series of Poker

2007 WSOP Overview
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The 2007 World Series of Poker started on June 1 with the $5,000 World Championship Mixed Hold 'Em. The Main Event was scheduled to run for seven days starting on July 6, the 55th event of the festival, an increase of 9 from 2006.

The World Series of Poker Europe debuted in September with three events: £2,500+150 H.O.R.S.E., £5,000+250 Pot-Limit Omaha, and £10,000+350 Main Event - No Limit Hold 'em.

WSOP Schedule
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Following the 55-event WSOP in Las Vegas in June and July, WSOP Europe debuts at Casino at the Empire in London, England with three events in September.


16/1$5,000World Championship Mixed Hold 'Em (Limit/No-Limit)
26/1$500Casino Employees No-Limit Hold 'Em
36/2$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
46/3$1,500Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
56/3$2,500Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better
66/4$1,500Limit Hold 'Em
76/4$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha
86/5$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
96/5$1,500Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or Better
106/6$2,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
116/6$5,000World Championship Seven-Card Stud
126/7$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
136/8$5,000World Championship Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
146/8$1,500Seven-Card Stud
156/9$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
176/10$1,000World Championship Ladies Event No-Limit Hold 'Em
186/10$5,000World Championship Limit Hold 'Em
196/11$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
206/11$2,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better
216/12$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Shootout
226/13$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
236/14$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha
246/14$3,000World Championship Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
256/15$2,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
276/16$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
286/17$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
296/17$1,500Seven-Card Razz
306/18$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
316/19$5,000World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold 'Em
326/19$2,000Seven-Card Stud
336/20$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha
346/20$3,000Limit Hold 'Em
356/21$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
366/21$5,000World Championship Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
376/22$2,000Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
386/23$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
396/24$50,000World Championship H.O.R.S.E.
406/24$1,500Mixed Hold 'Em (Limit/No-Limit)
416/25$1,000World Championship Seniors No-Limit Hold 'Em
426/25$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or Better
436/26$2,000Limit Hold 'Em
446/27$2,000Omaha Hi/Lo Split
456/28$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
466/28$1,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better
476/29$2,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
486/29$1,000Limit Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw
496/30$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
507/1$10,000World Championship Pot-Limit Omaha
527/2$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
537/3$1,500Limit Hold 'Em - Shootout
547/4$5,000World Championship No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw
557/6$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em

WSOP Europe

29/8£5,000Pot-Limit Omaha
39/10£10,000World Championship No-Limit Hold 'Em

Main Event Final Table
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Final Table Results

FinishPlayerPrizeStartStart Chips
1stJerry Yang$8,250,00088,459,000
2ndTuan Lam$4,840,981221,315,000
3rdRaymond Rahme$3,048,025416,320,000
4thAlex Kravchenko$1,852,72196,570,000
5thJon Kalmar$1,255,069320,320,000
6thHevad Khan$956,24379,205,000
7thLee Childs$705,229513,240,000
8thLee Watkinson$585,69969,925,000
9thPhilip Hilm$525,934122,070,000

Main Event Final Hand
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Jerry Yang, a psychologist and social worker, starts the final table eighth in chips, while Tuan Lam, a Vietnamese-born Canadian pro, is second. Barely a dozen hands later, Yang takes the chip lead, and on hand 15, he ousts the former chip leader, Philip Hilm, from the tournament. He also evicts everyone else but Jon Kalmar in 5th place.

On the final hand, Yang raises preflop and calls Lam's big all in. In a classic race, Yang has a 52.7% chance of winning, but when the Queen flops his chances are down to 16.4%. The Seven on the turn gives him an inside straight draw as well, which he promptly hits on the river to secure the title and the $8,250,000 first prize. Lam wins $4,840,981.

Jerry Yang
Tuan Lam

Main Event Summary
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DatesJuly 6 to July 17
Players6,358 (621 cashed)
WinnerJerry Yang ($8,250,000, U.S.)
Runner-UpTuan Lam ($4,840,981)
Final Table Bubble BoySteve Garfinkle (10th, $476,926)
Money Bubble BoyJohn Sigan (622nd)
Last Champ StandingScotty Nguyen (11th, $476,926)
Last Woman StandingMaria Ho (38th, $237,865)
Last Celebrity StandingSully Erna (237th, $45,422)
In 50 CharactersYang briefly more famous than Yahoo! CEO namesake.

WSOP Wrapup
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Tom Schneider was the only multiple-bracelet winner, taking down the $2,500 Omaha/Seven-Card Stud 8 and the $1,000 Seven-Card Stud 8. He also made one other final table and was named WSOP Player of the Year.

Phil Hellmuth outlasted a 2,628-player field to capture his record 11th bracelet. All eleven victories have been in Hold 'Em events.

Germany's Katja Thater won the $1,500 Seven-Card Razz to become the first non-American woman to win a bracelet.

For the fourth straight year, there was a new youngest bracelet winner. At 21, ten days after his birthday and a month younger than Jeff Madsen, Steve Billirakis won the $5,000 World Championship Mixed Hold 'Em.

Thomas Bihl won the £2,500 World Championship H.O.R.S.E., the first bracelet event of the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe and thus the first bracelet awarded outside of Las Vegas.

The second was even more impressive. Norway's Annette Obrestad won the inaugural WSOP Europe £10,000 Main Event for a women's record $2,013,733. Just shy of her nineteenth birthday, she also set the record for the youngest bracelet winner (Billirakis keeps the record for the U.S, where the minimum legal gambling age is 21).

Alexander Kravchenko won Russia's first bracelet, capturing the $1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or Better for $228,446.

WSOP Results
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#BuyinEventWinnerPrizeEntriesHendon Link
1$5,000World Championship Mixed Hold 'Em (Limit/No-Limit)Steve Billirakis$536,287451Hendon Link
2$500Casino Employees No-Limit Hold 'EmFrederick Narciso$104,7011,039Hendon Link
3$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmCiaran O'Leary$727,0122,998Hendon Link
4$1,500Pot-Limit Hold 'EmMichael Spegal$251,957781Hendon Link
5$2,500Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or BetterTom Schneider$214,347327Hendon Link
6$1,500Limit Hold 'EmGary Styczynski$280,715910Hendon Link
7$5,000Pot-Limit OmahaBurt Boutin$825,956145Hendon Link
8$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmMichael Chu$585,774844Hendon Link
9$1,500Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or BetterAlexander Kravchenko$228,446690Hendon Link
10$2,000No-Limit Hold 'EmWilliam Durkee$566,9161,531Hendon Link
11$5,000World Championship Seven-Card StudChris Reslock$258,453180Hendon Link
12$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedJason Warner$481,6981,427Hendon Link
13$5,000World Championship Pot-Limit Hold 'EmAllen Cunningham$487,287398Hendon Link
14$1,500Seven-Card StudMichael Keiner$146,987385Hendon Link
15$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmPhil Hellmuth$637,2542,628Hendon Link
16$2,500H.O.R.S.E.James Richburg$238,881382Hendon Link
17$1,000World Championship Ladies Event No-Limit Hold 'EmSally Anne Boyer$262,0771,286Hendon Link
18$5,000World Championship Limit Hold 'EmSaro Getzoyan$333,379257Hendon Link
19$2,500No-Limit Hold 'EmFrancois Safieddine$521,7851,013Hendon Link
20$2,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or BetterRyan Hughes$176,358340Hendon Link
21$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - ShootoutDonald Baruch$264,107900Hendon Link
22$5,000No-Limit Hold 'EmJames Mackey$730,740640Hendon Link
23$1,500Pot-Limit OmahaScott Clements$194,206576Hendon Link
24$3,000World Championship Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterEli Elezra$198,984236Hendon Link
25$2,000No-Limit Hold 'EmBen Ponzio$599,1091,619Hendon Link
26$5,000H.O.R.S.E.Ralph Schwartz$275,683192Hendon Link
27$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmDavid Stucke$603,0692,315Hendon Link
28$3,000No-Limit Hold 'EmShankar Pillai$527,829827Hendon Link
29$1,500Seven-Card RazzKatja Thater$132,653341Hendon Link
30$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedHoyt Corkins$515,065847Hendon Link
31$5,000World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold 'EmDaniel Schreiber$425,594392Hendon Link
32$2,000Seven-Card StudJeff Lisandro$118,426213Hendon Link
33$1,500Pot-Limit OmahaAlan Smurfit$464,8671,173Hendon Link
34$3,000Limit Hold 'EmAlex Borteh$225,483296Hendon Link
35$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmRyan Young$615,9552,541Hendon Link
36$5,000World Championship Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterJohn Guth$363,216280Hendon Link
37$2,000Pot-Limit Hold 'EmGreg Hopkins$269,274599Hendon Link
38$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmRobert Cheung$673,6282,778Hendon Link
39$50,000World Championship H.O.R.S.E.Kassem Deeb$2,276,832148Hendon Link
40$1,500Mixed Hold 'Em (Limit/No-Limit)Fred Goldberg$204,935620Hendon Link
41$1,000World Championship Seniors No-Limit Hold 'EmErnest Bennett$348,4231,882Hendon Link
42$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or BetterLukasz Dumanski$227,454687Hendon Link
43$2,000Limit Hold 'EmSaifuddin Ahmad$217,329472Hendon Link
44$2,000Omaha Hi/Lo SplitFrankie O'Dell$240,057534Hendon Link
45$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedWilliam Edler$904,672728Hendon Link
46$1,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or BetterTom Schneider$147,713668Hendon Link
47$2,000No-Limit Hold 'EmBlair Rodman$707,8982,038Hendon Link
48$1,000Limit Deuce-to-Seven Triple DrawRafi Amit$227,005209Hendon Link
49$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmChandrasekhar Billavara$722,9143,151Hendon Link
50$10,000World Championship Pot-Limit OmahaRobert Mizrachi$768,889314Hendon Link
51$1,000S.H.O.E.Dao Kim Bac$157,975730Hendon Link
52$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmMichael Graves$742,1211,048Hendon Link
53$1,500Limit Hold 'Em - ShootoutRam Vaswani$217,438782Hendon Link
54$5,000World Championship No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven DrawErik Seidel$538,835304Hendon Link
55$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'EmJerry Yang$8,250,0006,358Hendon Link

WSOP Europe Results
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