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2011 World Series of Poker

2011 WSOP Overview
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The 2011 World Series of Poker started on May 31 with the $500 Casino Employees Event. The Main Event was scheduled to run for ten days starting on July 7 (with a break for the November Nine), the 58th event of the festival, an increase of one from 2010.

The second World Series of Poker Europe was held in October with seven events, adding No-Limit Hold 'Em and Pot-Limit Omaha events.

The WSOP Circuit National Championship became a bracelet event.

WSOP Schedule
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Following the 57-event WSOP in Las Vegas from May to July, WSOP Europe moves to Le Croisette Casino Barriere in Cannes, France for seven events in October.


15/31$500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Casino Employees Event
25/31$25,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Heads Up Championship
36/1$1,500Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
46/2$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
56/2$1,500Seven-Card Stud
66/3$1,500Limit Hold 'Em
76/3$10,000Pot-Limit Hold 'Em Championship
86/4$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
96/4$1,500No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball
106/6$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
116/6$10,000Omaha Hi/Lo Championship
126/7$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Triple Chance
136/8$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Shootout
146/8$3,000Limit Hold 'Em
156/9$1,500Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
166/9$10,000No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw World Championship
186/11$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
196/11$2,500Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
206/12$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
216/12$10,000Seven-Card Stud Championship
226/13$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha
236/13$2,5008 Game
246/14$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Shootout
256/14$1,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo
266/15$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
276/15$10,000Limit Hold 'Em Championship
286/16$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
296/16$2,50010 Game/Six Handed
306/17$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Seniors Championship
316/17$3,000Pot-Limit Omaha
326/18$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
336/18$10,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo Championship
346/19$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
356/20$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha - Six Handed
366/21$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
376/21$10,000H.O.R.S.E. - Championship
386/22$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
396/22$2,500Pot-Limit Hold 'Em/Omaha
406/23$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed
416/24$1,500Limit Hold 'Em - Shootout
426/24$10,000Pot-Limit Omaha Championship
436/25$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
446/25$2,500Seven-Card Razz
456/26$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
466/27$10,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed Championship
476/27$2,500Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo
486/28$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
496/28$2,500Limit Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw
506/29$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Triple Chance
516/30$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
526/30$2,500Mixed Hold 'Em
537/1$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Ladies Championship
547/2$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
557/2$50,000The Poker Players Championship - 8 Game
567/5$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
577/5$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
587/7$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em

WSOP Europe

110/7€2,5006-Max No-Limit Hold 'Em
210/8€1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
310/10€5,000Pot-Limit Omaha
410/11€3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em Shootout
510/12€10,000Mixed No-Limit Hold 'Em
610/13€1,5006-Max Pot-Limit Omaha
710/14€10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em

Main Event Final Table
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Final Table Results

FinishPlayerPrizeStartStart Chips
2ndMartin Staszko$5,433,086140,175,000
6thEoghan O'Dea$1,720,831233,925,000
4thMatt Giannetti$3,012,700324,750,000
5thPhil Collins$2,269,599423,875,000
3rdBen Lamb$4,021,138520,875,000
7thBadih "Bob" Bounahra$1,314,097619,700,000
1stPius Heinz$8,715,638716,425,000
8thAnton Makiievskyi$1,010,015813,825,000
9thSam Holden$782,115912,375,000

Main Event Final Hand
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The Czech Martin Staszko is the November Nine chip leader, while German Pius Heinz lags down in seventh with just two-fifths as many chips. However, Heinz takes the lead with over half the chips with three players remaining, but when Staszko knocks Ben Lamb out in third, he enters heads up with a 4-to-3 edge.

After an exciting nine lead changes, Heinz surges far ahead. On the 111th hand, Staszko feels compelled to move all in preflop with a marginal hand, and Heinz has an easy call with two overcards that won't be caught. Staszko wins $5,433,086 for second, while Heinz earns $8,715,638 and becomes the first German champ and the fourth straight winner under 23 years old.

Pius Heinz
Martin Staszko

Main Event Summary
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DatesJuly 7 to November 9
Players6,865 (693 cashed)
WinnerPius Heinz ($8,715,638, Germany)
Runner-UpMartin Staszko ($5,433,086)
Final Table Bubble BoyJohn Hewitt (10th, $607,882)
Money Bubble BoyReza Kashani (694th)
Last Champ StandingRobert Varkonyi (514th, $23,876)
Last Woman StandingErika Moutinho (29th, $242,636)
Last Celebrity StandingMars Callahan (94th, $64,531)
In 50 CharactersHeinz becomes first German champ.

WSOP Wrapup
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Brian Rast was the only two-timer, winning the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold 'Em and the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.

The Ukraine won its first and second bracelets. Eugene Katchalov took the $1,500 Seven-Card Stud and Oleksii Kovalchuk the $2,500 No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed.

Switzerland also joined the party when Guillaume Humbert won WSOP Europe's £2,500 6-Max No-Limit Hold 'Em for $288,545.

Jake Cody and Bertrand Grospellier both earned their first WSOP bracelets to complete their Poker Triple Crowns. Cody became the youngest to do so at age 22.

Ben Lamb amassed $5,352,970 in winnings across five cashes, four final tables, and one victory to nab the WSOP Player of the Year award.

WSOP Results
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#BuyinEventWinnerPrizeEntriesHendon Link
1$500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Casino Employees EventSean Drake$82,292850Hendon Link
2$25,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Heads Up ChampionshipJake Cody$851,192128Hendon Link
3$1,500Limit Omaha Hi/LoFrancesco Barbaro$262,283925Hendon Link
4$5,000No-Limit Hold 'EmAllen Bari$874,116865Hendon Link
5$1,500Seven-Card StudEugene Katchalov$122,909357Hendon Link
6$1,500Limit Hold 'EmHarrison Wilder$205,065675Hendon Link
7$10,000Pot-Limit Hold 'Em ChampionshipAmir Lehavot$573,456249Hendon Link
8$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmSean Getzwiller$611,1854,178Hendon Link
9$1,500No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven LowballMatt Perrins$102,105275Hendon Link
10$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedGeffrey Klein$544,3881,920Hendon Link
11$10,000Omaha Hi/Lo ChampionshipVyacheslav Zhukov$465,216202Hendon Link
12$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Triple ChanceDavid Diaz$352,8081,340Hendon Link
13$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - ShootoutAndrew Badecker$369,3711,440Hendon Link
14$3,000Limit Hold 'EmTyler Bonkowski$220,817337Hendon Link
15$1,500Pot-Limit Hold 'EmBrian Rast$227,232765Hendon Link
16$10,000No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw World ChampionshipJohn Juanda$367,170126Hendon Link
17$1,500H.O.R.S.E.Aaron Steury$289,283963Hendon Link
18$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmFoster Hays$735,4003,157Hendon Link
19$2,500Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedDarren Woods$213,431354Hendon Link
20$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmJason Somerville$493,0913,175Hendon Link
21$10,000Seven-Card Stud ChampionshipBertrand Grospellier$331,639126Hendon Link
22$1,500Pot-Limit OmahaElie Payan$292,8251,071Hendon Link
23$2,5008 GameJohn Monnette$278,144489Hendon Link
24$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - ShootoutMark Radoja$436,568387Hendon Link
25$1,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/LoChristopher Viox$200,459606Hendon Link
26$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedOleksii Kovalchuk$689,7391,378Hendon Link
27$10,000Limit Hold 'Em ChampionshipDaniel Idema$378,642152Hendon Link
28$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmAndy Frankenberger$599,1532,500Hendon Link
29$2,50010 Game/Six HandedChris Lee$254,955431Hendon Link
30$1,000Seniors Championship - No-Limit Hold 'EmJames Hess$557,4353,752Hendon Link
31$3,000Pot-Limit OmahaSamuel Stein$420,802685Hendon Link
32$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmKirk Caldwell$668,2762,828Hendon Link
33$10,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo ChampionshipEric Rodawig$442,183168Hendon Link
34$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmMark Schmid$488,2833,144Hendon Link
35$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha - Six HandedJason Mercier$619,575507Hendon Link
36$2,500No-Limit Hold 'EmMikhail Lakhitov$749,6101,734Hendon Link
37$10,000H.O.R.S.E. - ChampionshipFabrice Soulier$609,130240Hendon Link
38$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmArkadiy Tsinis$540,1362,192Hendon Link
39$2,500Pot-Limit Hold 'Em/OmahaMitch Schock$310,225606Hendon Link
40$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six HandedMatthew Jarvis$808,538732Hendon Link
41$1,500Limit Hold 'Em - ShootoutJustin Pechie$167,060538Hendon Link
42$10,000Pot-Limit Omaha ChampionshipBen Lamb$814,436361Hendon Link
43$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmAndre Akkari$675,1172,857Hendon Link
44$2,500Seven-Card RazzRalph Porter$210,615363Hendon Link
45$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmKenneth Griffin$455,3562,890Hendon Link
46$10,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Six Handed ChampionshipJoe Ebanks$1,158,481474Hendon Link
47$2,500Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi/LoOwais Ahmed$255,959450Hendon Link
48$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmAthanasios Polychronopoulos$650,2232,713Hendon Link
49$2,500Limit Deuce-to-Seven Triple DrawLenny Martin$189,818309Hendon Link
50$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em - Triple ChanceAntonin Teisseire$825,604817Hendon Link
51$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/LoDavid Singontiko$268,235946Hendon Link
52$2,500Mixed Hold 'EmMatt Matros$303,501580Hendon Link
53$1,000Ladies Championship - No-Limit Hold 'EmMarsha Wolak$192,3441,055Hendon Link
54$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmMaxim Lykov$648,8804,576Hendon Link
55$50,000The Poker Players Championship - 8 GameBrian Rast$1,720,328128Hendon Link
56$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmHasan Anter$777,9283,389Hendon Link
57$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/LoNick Binger$397,073352Hendon Link
58$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'EmPius Heinz$8,715,3686,865Hendon Link

WSOP Europe Results
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