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2014 World Series of Poker

2014 WSOP Overview
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The 2014 World Series of Poker started on May 27 with the $500 Casino Employees Event. The Main Event was scheduled to run for nine days starting on July 5 (with a break for the November Nine), the 65th event of the festival, an increase of three from 2013.

The second World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific was held in October with ten events: six in No-Limit Hold 'Em, two in Pot-Limit Omaha, and two 8-game mixes. The WSOP intended to run the WSOP Asia-Pacific in every even year alternating with the WSOP Europe in every odd year.

WSOP Schedule
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After the 65-event WSOP in Las Vegas from May to July, WSOP Asia-Pacific returns for ten events in October at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.


15/27$500Casino Employees No-Limit Hold 'Em
25/27$25,000Mixed Max \ No-Limit Hold 'Em
35/28$1,000Pot-Limit Omaha
45/29$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
55/29$10,000Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw Lowball (Limit)
65/30$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em Shootout
75/30$1,500Seven-Card Razz
85/31$1,500Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold 'Em
96/1$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
106/1$10,000Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
116/2$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six Handed
126/3$1,500Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
136/3$10,000Deuce-to-Seven Draw Lowball (No-Limit)
146/4$1,500Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
156/5$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six Handed
166/5$1,500Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw Lowball (Limit)
176/6$1,000Seniors No-Limit Hold 'Em Championship
186/6$10,000Seven-Card Razz
196/7$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
206/7$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em Shootout 2,000 player max)
216/8$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
236/9$1,000Turbo No-Limit Hold 'Em
246/10$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six Handed
256/10$2,500Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low 8-or Better
266/11$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
286/12$10,000Pot-Limit Hold 'Em
296/13$2,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
306/13$1,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low-8 or Better
316/14$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
326/14$10,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six Handed
336/15$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
346/15$1,500Seven-Card Stud
356/16$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Eight Handed
366/16$1,500Deuce-to-Seven Draw Lowball (No-Limit)
376/17$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha
386/17$10,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
396/18$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
406/19$10,000Heads Up No-Limit Hold 'Em
416/19$1,500Dealers Choice / Six Handed
426/20$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha / Six Handed
436/20$1,500Limit Hold 'Em
446/21$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
456/22$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
466/22$50,000The Poker Players Championship
476/23$1,500Ante Only No-Limit Hold 'Em
486/24$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
496/25$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
506/25$1,500Eight-Game Mix
516/26$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em Monster Stack
526/26$10,000Limit Hold 'Em
536/27$1,000Ladies No-Limit Hold 'Em Championship
546/27$3,000Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
556/28$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
566/29$1,000No-Limit Hold 'Em
576/29$1,000,000Big One for One Drop
586/30$1,500Mixed Max - No-Limit Hold 'Em
596/30$3,000Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or Better
607/1$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em
617/1$10,000Seven-Card Stud
627/2$1,111The Little One for One Drop No-Limit Hold 'Em
637/2$1,500Ten-Game Mix 6-Handed
647/3$10,000Pot-Limit Omaha
657/5$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em

WSOP Asia-Pacific

110/2A$1,100Accumulator - No-Limit Hold 'Em
210/4A$2,200No-Limit Hold 'Em
310/5A$1,650Pot-Limit Omaha
410/6A$1,650Terminator - No-Limit Hold 'Em
510/7A$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha
610/8A$1,6508 Game Dealer's Choice
710/9A$2,200No-Limit Hold 'Em - 6 Max
810/10A$5,0008 Game Mixed Event
910/12A$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'Em
1010/15A$25,000High Roller - No-Limit Hold 'Em

Main Event Final Table
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Once the last American, William Tonking, was knocked out of the 2014 WSOP Main Event in fourth place,1 either Sweden or Norway or the Netherlands was going to have its first champ. Surprisingly, all three of the players were current residents of London, England!

Dutchman Jorryt van Hoof started the final table with the chip lead, and he still had it when they got down to three. But Swede Martin Jacobson was looking sharp, having moved all the way up from second-to-last to second in chips.

At the final table, Jacobson won ten showdowns and lost ten. Appropriately, he held Ace-Ten to eliminate van Hoof in third place and then sealed the victory over Norwegian Felix Stephensen by turning pocket Tens into a set of Tens on the final hand. With the WSOP guaranteeing $10,000,000 to the 2014 winner, Jacobson multiplied his $10,000 buyin by a thousand in his tenth tournament cash of the year.

November Nine Final Results

FinishPlayerPrizeStartStart Chips
1stMartin Jacobson$10,000,000814,900,000
2ndFelix Stephensen$5,145,968232,775,000
3rdJorryt van Hoof$3,806,402138,375,000
4thWilliam Tonking$2,848,833715,050,000
5thWilliam Pappaconstantinou$2,143,174617,500,000
6thAndoni Larrabe$1,622,080422,550,000
7thDan Sindelar$1,235,862521,200,000
8thBruno Politano$947,077912,125,000
9thMark Newhouse$730,725326,000,000

Main Event Final Hand
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Dutchman Jorryt van Hoof leads the way as three-way action begins but is knocked out in third when his Ace-Five can't catch the Swede Martin Jacobson's Ace-Ten. Jacobson, who entered the November Nine in eighth place, has a 7-to-3 lead over Felix Stephensen, a Norwegian pro who started second, and dominates the heads-up action.

Facing a 7-to-1 chip deficit, Stephensen has a fairly straightforward call when Jacobson three-bets him all in on the final hand. The Swede is already way ahead when the Ten hit on the flop, leaving the Norwegian drawing dead to runner-runner. Jacobson takes down the guaranteed $10,000,000 first prize, while Stephensen earns $5,145,968.

Martin Jacobson
Felix Stephensen

Main Event Summary
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DatesJuly 5 to November 11
Players6,683 (693 cashed)
WinnerMartin Jacobson ($10,000,000, Sweden)
Runner-UpFelix Stephensen ($5,145,968)
Final Table Bubble BoyLuis Velador (10th, $565,193)
Money Bubble BoyZhen Cai,
Kori Hunter,
John Dwyer (694th)
Last Champ StandingHuck Seed (did not cash)
Last Woman StandingMaria Ho (77th, $85,812)
Last Celebrity StandingPaul Pierce (did not cash)
In 50 CharactersJacobson wins; Newhouse back-to-back final tables.

WSOP Wrapup
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George Danzer won two bracelets in the U.S. ($10,000 Razz and $10,000 Seven-Card Stud 8) and one in the WSOP Asia-Pacific (A$5,000 8-Game Mix), made two other final tables, and nabbed WSOP Player of the Year honors.

Dominik Nitsche won two bracelets, the WSOP Circuit National Championship and the $1,000 No-Limit Hold 'Em.

Phil Ivey won his tenth bracelet in the $1,500 Eight-Game Mix, his record fourth mixed games bracelet.

Vanessa Selbst acquired her women's record third open bracelet in the $25,000 No-Limit Hold 'Em - Mixed Max.

Alex Bolotin won first WSOP bracelet for Belarus ($1,500 No-Limit Hold 'Em Shootout for $259,211), and Junzhong Loo won the first for Malaysia (WSOP Asia-Pacific A$2,200 No-Limit Hold 'Em for $94,019).

Mark Newhouse reached his second consecutive Main Event final table out of fields of 6,352 and 6,683, unfortunately busting first each time.

WSOP Results
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#BuyinEventWinnerPrizeEntriesHendon Link
1$500Casino Employees No-Limit Hold 'EmRoland Reparejo$82,835876Hendon Link
2$25,000Mixed Max - No-Limit Hold 'EmVanessa Selbst$871,148131Hendon Link
3$1,000Pot-Limit OmahaBrandon Shack-Harris$205,6341,128Hendon Link
4$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmKyle Cartwright$360,4352,223Hendon Link
5$10,000Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw Lowball (Limit)Tuan Bui Le$355,324120Hendon Link
6$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em ShootoutAlex Bolotin$259,211948Hendon Link
7$1,500Seven-Card RazzTed Forrest$121,196352Hendon Link
8$1,500Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold 'EmJonathan Dimmig$1,319,5877,977Hendon Link
9$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmJeffrey Smith$323,1251,940Hendon Link
10$10,000Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterJohn Parker$443,407178Hendon Link
11$1,500No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six HandedJustin Bonomo$449,9801,587Hendon Link
12$1,500Pot-Limit Hold 'EmGregory Kolo$169,225557Hendon Link
13$10,000Deuce-to-Seven Draw Lowball (No-Limit)Paul Volpe$253,52487Hendon Link
14$1,500Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterNicholas Kost$283,2751,036Hendon Link
15$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six HandedDavidi Kitai$508,640810Hendon Link
16$1,500Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw Lowball (Limit)Todd Bui$124,510348Hendon Link
17$1,000Seniors No-Limit Hold 'Em ChampionshipDan Heimiller$627,4624,425Hendon Link
18$10,000Seven-Card RazzGeorge Danzer$294,792112Hendon Link
19$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmTed Gillis$514,0272,086Hendon Link
20$3,000No-Limit Hold 'Em ShootoutKory Kilpatrick$254,891389Hendon Link
21$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmDominik Nitsche$335,6592,043Hendon Link
22$10,000H.O.R.S.E.Chris Wallace$507,614200Hendon Link
23$1,000Turbo No-Limit Hold 'EmDoug Polk$251,9691,473Hendon Link
24$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six HandedKevin Eyster$622,998541Hendon Link
25$2,500Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low 8-or BetterJohn Kabbaj$267,327470Hendon Link
26$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmAndrew Rennhack$408,9531,594Hendon Link
27$1,500H.O.R.S.E.Tam Hang$230,744743Hendon Link
28$10,000Pot-Limit Hold 'EmAlex Bilokur$398,567160Hendon Link
29$2,500No-Limit Hold 'EmPierre Milan$536,7681,165Hendon Link
30$1,500Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low-8 or BetterCalvin Anderson$190,538558Hendon Link
31$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmBrett Shaffer$418,4351,631Hendon Link
32$10,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Six HandedJoe Cada$670,041264Hendon Link
33$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmDutch Boyd$288,7441,688Hendon Link
34$1,500Seven-Card StudEric Buchman$118,785345Hendon Link
35$5,000No-Limit Hold 'Em / Eight HandedBrian Yoon$633,341550Hendon Link
36$1,500Deuce-to-Seven Draw Lowball (No-Limit)Steven Wolansky$89,483241Hendon Link
37$1,500Pot-Limit OmahaBrandon Paster$264,400967Hendon Link
38$10,000Seven-Card Stud Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterGeorge Danzer$352,696134Hendon Link
39$3,000No-Limit Hold 'EmSean Dempsey$548,460992Hendon Link
40$10,000Heads Up No-Limit Hold 'EmDavide Suriano$335,553136Hendon Link
41$1,500Dealers Choice / Six HandedRobert Mizrachi$147,092419Hendon Link
42$5,000Pot-Limit Omaha / Six HandedMichael Drummond$541,747452Hendon Link
43$1,500Limit Hold 'EmDaniel Kelly$195,167654Hendon Link
44$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmJordan Morgan$478,1021,914Hendon Link
45$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmWilliam Givens$306,6341,841Hendon Link
46$50,000The Poker Players ChampionshipJohn Hennigan$1,517,767102Hendon Link
47$1,500Ante Only No-Limit Hold 'EmJesse McEuen$212,093714Hendon Link
48$1,500Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterTyler Patterson$270,992991Hendon Link
49$5,000No-Limit Hold 'EmDavid Miscikowski$719,707696Hendon Link
50$1,500Eight-Game MixPhil Ivey$167,332485Hendon Link
51$1,500Monster Stack - No-Limit Hold 'EmHugo Pingray$1,327,0837,862Hendon Link
52$10,000Limit Hold 'EmDavid Olson$303,909122Hendon Link
53$1,000Ladies No-Limit Hold 'Em ChampionshipHaixia Zhang$153,470793Hendon Link
54$3,000Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterFlorian Langmann$297,650474Hendon Link
55$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmAsi Moshe$582,3212,396Hendon Link
56$1,000No-Limit Hold 'EmMike Kachan$403,4832,575Hendon Link
57$1,000,000Big One for One Drop - No-Limit Hold 'EmDaniel Colman$15,306,66842Hendon Link
58$1,500Mixed Max - No-Limit Hold 'EmJared Jaffee$405,4281,475Hendon Link
59$3,000Omaha Hi/Low Split-8 or BetterPhillip Hui$286,976547Hendon Link
60$1,500No-Limit Hold 'EmSalman Jaddi$614,2482,563Hendon Link
61$10,000Seven-Card StudMatt Grapenthien$268,473102Hendon Link
62$1,111The Little One for One Drop - No-Limit Hold 'EmIgor Dubinsky$637,5394,496Hendon Link
63$1,500Ten-Game Mix 6-HandedBryn Kenney$153,220445Hendon Link
64$10,000Pot-Limit OmahaPatrick Walsh$923,379418Hendon Link
65$10,000Main Event - No-Limit Hold 'EmMartin Jacobson$10,000,0006,683Hendon Link

WSOP Asia-Pacific Results
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