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"52 Greatest Moments World Series of Poker" Review

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Title52 Greatest Moments World Series of Poker
AuthorMark Rogers
Skill Levelany
ProsWell-organized recaps of many great moments in WSOP history.
ConsMistake-filled with grammar issues and formatting problems.

Table of Contents
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iiiOpening Commentary
1No. 52 Bonetti's Blunder
3No. 51 Fast and Furious Final
5No. 50 Vera and a Dull Knife
7No. 49 Like Father Like Son
9No. 48 Shark Week
11No. 47 Final Table Characters
13No. 46 Annie and Lucy
15No. 45 The Darkhorse
17No. 44 Fisch Week
19No. 43 Cinderella in 2005
21No. 42 Back to Back Flack
23No. 41 Grand Old Man
25No. 40 A Championship Shave
28No. 39 Hollywood Poker
31No. 38 Million Dollar Champ
33No. 37 Ungar's Bluff
35No. 36 Baldwin's Bluff
37No. 35 A Quick Study
39No. 34 Incredible Hand
40No. 33 Pure Gold
43No. 32 The Youngest Bracelet
45No. 31 Hellmuth's Perfect 10
48No. 30 The Roving Gambler
51No. 29 Satellite Service
53No. 28 Poker's Shakespeare
55No. 27 A Silver Bout
57No. 26 Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!
59No. 25 H.O.R.S.E.
61No. 24 Fossils and Holograms
63No. 23 A Money Bluff
66No. 22 An Irish Champion
69No. 21 Ivey's Year
71No. 20 All Over, Baby!
73No. 19 Good Things Come in Threes
75No. 18 A Cowboy Bluff
78No. 17 Brunson's Perfect 10
81No. 16 Moss Goes Back to Back
84No. 15 Chan's Perfect 10
87No. 14 Jesus' Miracle
91No. 13 The Binion-Dandolos Scheme
93No. 12 The Young Gun
95No. 11 Ungar Goes Back to Back
99No. 10 More Than a Woman
101No. 9 Chan Goes Back to Back
103No. 8 Brunson Goes Back to Back
106No. 7 Final Table Dan
109No. 6 Binion Sets the Stage
112No. 5 A Comeback Kid
114No. 4 The Ambassador
119No. 3 Chip and a Chair
122No. 2 Movie Trap
125No. 1 Money Explosion
129Gallery of Champions
131Poker Hand Rankings
131Poker Terminology
137Robert's Rules of Poker
144Photographic Credits

Note: Ebook has no table of contents and its page numbers do not match the printed book (the ebook is eight pages shorter in its default font size).

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You can correctly infer a lot just from the title of 52 Greatest Moments World Series of Poker. It's a great idea for a book. With 36 years of events to choose from when it was written in 2006, the source material was vast. But the awkward name hints at the book's major problem, a serious shortage of editing to fix misspellings, improper punctuation, and non-idiomatic phrases.

Rogers is clearly a big poker fan and is obsessive about the World Series of Poker. He lists nearly as many references as his book has pages. He has given tremendous thought to culling and ranking his "Moments", which are actually much longer, often including multiple poker hands from multiple hours of play. Each section is presented consistently with a ranking, a relevant quote, an introduction, "The Setup", "The Moment", and one or more factoids split up into multiple boxes like a series of tweets.

Rogers chose many WSOP Main Event final hands, and 36 of the "Moments" occurred during the Main Event. Other bracelet events account for most of the remaining sections, with a couple of special topics making up the rest. Almost half (24) of the section are from the 2000s (including Jamie Gold, Jim McManus, Chris Moneymaker, and Chris Ferguson), 11 are from the 1990s (Stu Ungar and Barbara Enright), 7 from the 1980s (Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, and Jack Straus), and 8 from earlier (Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim Preston, and Johnny Moss). This does not reflect a recency bias, however; each decade has had far more bracelet events than the previous one as the WSOP has continued to grow.

The "Gallery of Champions" has two great color group photos of some of the oldest Main Event Champions but is otherwise just a simple list with each year's winner and first prize.

If you can stand the awkward grammar, bad formatting, and occasional error, 52 Greatest Moments rewards you with some great memories and fascinating stories that you may never have heard before.

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