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Big One for One Drop 2014

Because the event sold out last time, the WSOP increased the maximum field size from 48 players to 56.

Bobby Baldwin, Fabian Quoss, and Vivek Rajkumar all promised to play but didn't and may have lost their $50,000 deposits.1 Andrew Robl said he would play, but apparently dropped out without putting in his deposit.

In the end, 42 players entered, a drop of six from two years earlier, which was a little disappointing but still raised nearly five million dollars for the One Drop foundation.

Just 45 minutes in, David Einhorn and his set of Jacks were busted from the event by 2012 runner-up Sam Trickett and his Six-high straight. The billionaire hedge fund manager effectively paid $370 for every second he was in the tournament.

The hand helped Trickett stay near the chip lead on Day One, but he dropped back to the pack on Day Two and was felted in 15th place when his pocket rockets were cracked by Daniel Negreanu's trip Nines.

Although they tried to play through the bubble on the middle day, progress was so slow that they eventually ended the day with nine players remaining.

When the final day began, Negreanu went on a roll knocking out seven players2 including bubble boy Tom Hall on the very first hand of the day, Cary Katz in 8th place, Scott Seiver in 6th, Tobias Reinkemeier in 5th, and Christoph Vogelsang in 3rd, all within a few orbits.

Not surprisingly, Negreanu reached heads up in a Duel of the Daniels against 24-year-old Daniel Colman, who had a small chip lead of 68,550,000 to 57,450,000. Kid Poker would grab the lead and soon have two-thirds of the chips.

Then Colman fought back and eventually built a big lead when his Ace-Four rivered a full house. Shortly thereafter, on the 46th heads-up hand, it would be Negreanu's turn to hold Ace-Four.3 His two pairs had the lead on the flop, but a Ten on the turn filled Colman's inside straight, leaving the Canadian drawing unsuccessfully to four outs for a full house.

Colman, issued a statement but refused interview requests, preferring to keep the publicity to a minimum. Negreanu, whose big payday moved him to the top of the all-time career tournament earnings list ahead of 2012 winner Antonio Esfandiari, later gave Colman some friendly advice.

2014 Big One for One Drop Payouts

1Daniel Colman$15,306,668
2Daniel Negreanu$8,288,001
3Christoph Vogelsang$4,480,001
4Rick Salomon$2,800,000
5Tobias Reinkemeier$2,053,334
6Scott Seiver$1,680,000
7Paul Newey$1,418,667
8Cary Katz$1,306,667

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