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"From Vietnam to Vegas" Review

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TitleFrom Vietnam to Vegas
AuthorQui Nguyen with Steve Blay
Skill Levelany
ProsGreat and numerous hand analyses with Nguyen's thoughts.
ConsToo much Steve Blay, who pitches his Advanced Poker Training web site too much.

Table of Contents
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8Foreword by Antonio Esfandiari
12The Two Facets of Poker Expertise1
162016 WSOP Main Event Final Table, Day One2
852016 WSOP Main Event Final Table, Day Two3
1642016 WSOP Main Event Final Table, Day Three4
393Q & A with Qui Nguyen5
408From Vietnam to Vegas6
443The Independent Chip Model (ICM)7

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[Note: A full review will be added in a future release. What follows is based on the brief excerpt that was released.]

Steve Blay and his company Advanced Poker Training ran simulations of the final table of the 2016 World Series of Poker that indicated that Qui Nguyen would win the event despite being behind the more experienced Cliff Josephy in chips. This convinced Nguyen to hire Blay as an advisor.

Blay covers poker strategy and psychology, comparing the game's thought process with how chess grandmasters analyze a position. He then cedes the microphone to Nguyen, who gives a brief autobiography then dives into the guts of the book, his thoughts on important hands from the three-day final table. These hand recaps explain exactly what he was thinking as he dominated the table en route to victory.

While Blay has some interesting things to say when he isn't hawking his company, Nguyen rightfully provides the best parts of the book, which are well worth reading for anyone interested in how a poker pro thinks.

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