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WSOP: Texas Hold 'Em (1971 to present)

Texas Hold 'Em is the game you think of most when you think of the World Series of Poker. It's played in the majority of events, including the Main Event. It's the game used for almost all of the special tournaments like the Casino Employees event (since 2000), the Women's Championship (since 2004), the Seniors and Super Seniors events (since 2001 and 2015), and the One Drop high rollers (since 2012).

It's the WSOP game played at the widest range of buyins, the most limit types (Limit, Pot-Limit, and No-Limit), and the most table sizes (Heads Up, Six-Handed, Eight-Handed, Full Table, and Mixed Max, where each day of the event uses a different table size).

The game was originally played with just antes, but two blinds have been standard for many years. The player to the left of the dealer is forced to pay the small blind, and the player to the left of that is forced to pay the big blind, which is twice the small blind. The blinds start the action going and prevent everyone from just checking to see the flop. The earliest blind levels usually start with no ante, which is usually added in round 3 or soon thereafter. The big blind ante, where the player in the big blind puts in the ante for everyone at the table for efficiency, was introduced in 2018 and became standard for all Hold 'Em events in 2019.

Game NameTexas Hold 'Em
Game TypeFlop
Game LimitsLimit, Pot-Limit, or No-Limit
High or LowHigh
WSOP Years1971 to present
Buyins$500 to $1,000,000
Largest Field22,374 (2015 $565 event [Colossus])
Notable ChampionsMain Events: Johnny Moss (1971 & 1974), Doyle Brunson (1976 & 1977), Stu Ungar (1980, 1981 & 1997), Johnny Chan (1987 & 1988), Phil Hellmuth (1989 & 2012 Europe)
Basic RulesBlinds and possibly antes. Each player is dealt two hole cards, and there is a round of betting. Three community cards are flopped followed by a round of betting. A turn card is followed by a round of betting. A river card is followed by a final round of betting.
HistoryTexas Hold 'Em originated in Texas possibly in the early 1900s1 and was brought to Las Vegas by Felton McCorquodale, Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim Preston, and their friends in 1967.2
NotesShort Deck Hold 'Em, a variant using a 36-card deck stripped of the Deuces through Fives, was introduced at the 2019 WSOP. With fewer cards of each suit, flushes are ranked higher than full houses.

Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple are Hold 'Em variants in which each player is dealt three hole cards, discarding one card before and after the flop respectively. Neither has ever been played in a WSOP bracelet event.

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