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The 1983 World Series of Poker introduced a Match Play event consisting of nothing but heads-up contests. Thirty-two players ponied up $2,500, leading to a five-round single-elimination event won by Berry Johnsonton over Ray Zee.

The event was not repeated until 2002, nineteen years later. After another five-year gap, Match Play became an annual WSOP event in 2007. In 2010, WSOP Europe also held a heads-up event, and in 2020 the online WSOP series added a second heads-up event featuring a $25,000 buyin matching the entry fee used once previously, in 2011. The buyin was $2,500 for the first two Match Play events, $5,000 for the third, £10,000 for the WSOP Europe event, and $10,000 for the rest.


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