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2011 November Nine Odds

The 2011 November Nine emphasized the World part of the World Series of Poker. The two biggest stacks belonged to pros from the Czech Republic and Ireland, and foreigners outnumbered Americans for only the second time in Main Event history.1 A businessman and two students joined six pros at the final table. Ben Lamb was the only bracelet winner and had collected more than four times as much in WSOP prize money than his tablemates.


The Vegas odds on each player going into the 2011 Main Event final table looked like this:2

2011 November Nine Odds

PlayerChips1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9thOddsPercent With VigTrue PercentICM PercentDiff
Martin Staszko40,175,00019.5%17.7%15.7%13.7%11.5%9.2%6.7%4.2%1.8%4/120.0%18.3%19.5%-1.2%
Eoghan O'Dea33,925,00016.5%15.7%14.7%13.5%12.1%10.4%8.3%5.9%3.0%4.5/118.2%16.6%16.5%0.2%
Matt Giannetti24,750,00012.0%12.2%12.3%12.3%12.2%11.8%11.1%9.6%6.6%6.5/113.3%12.2%12.0%0.2%
Phil Collins23,875,00011.6%11.8%12.0%12.1%12.1%11.9%11.3%10.0%7.2%6.5/113.3%12.2%11.6%0.6%
Ben Lamb20,875,00010.1%10.5%10.9%11.3%11.7%12.0%12.1%11.7%9.6%7/112.5%11.4%10.1%1.3%
Badih "Bob" Bounahra19,700,0009.6%10.0%10.4%10.9%11.4%12.0%12.4%12.4%10.9%9/110.0%9.2%9.6%-0.4%
Pius Heinz16,425,0008.0%8.5%9.0%9.7%10.6%11.6%12.9%14.4%15.4%11/18.3%7.6%8.0%-0.3%
Anton Makiievskyi13,825,0006.7%7.2%7.8%8.6%9.6%10.9%12.7%15.7%20.7%12/17.7%7.0%6.7%0.3%
Sam Holden12,375,0006.0%6.5%7.1%7.9%8.9%10.3%12.4%16.0%24.7%16/15.9%5.4%6.0%-0.6%

Even with the relatively low 9% vigorish, only the short stack, Sam Holden, had better ICM odds to win than Vegas was laying.