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2014 November Nine Odds

The oldest November Niner in 2014 was only 31 years old, the lowest ever. The average age of just under 28 was about a year older than in 2010 when 37-year-old Soi Nguyen was the only player in his 30s. Three of 2014's final table were 30 (Dan Sindelar) or 31 (Jorryt van Hoof and Bruno Politano); every previous November Nine had one to three players over 35. Otherwise, the profile fits the usual mold with one to five foreigners (5) and one to three amateurs (2). For the first time since the original November Nine in 2008, none of the players had a previous bracelet.


The Vegas odds on each player going into the final table looked like this.1

2014 November Nine Odds

PlayerChips1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9thOddsPercent With VigTrue PercentICM PercentDiff
Jesse Sylvia43,875,00022.2%19.4%16.6%13.7%10.9%8.0%5.3%2.9%1.0%3/125.0%20.9%22.2%-1.3%
Andras Koroknai29,375,00014.8%14.6%14.2%13.6%12.6%11.1%9.2%6.6%3.3%4.5/118.2%15.2%14.8%0.3%
Greg Merson28,725,00014.5%14.4%14.1%13.5%12.6%11.3%9.4%6.8%3.5%5/116.7%13.9%14.5%-0.6%
Russell Thomas24,800,00012.5%12.7%12.9%12.9%12.6%12.0%10.7%8.6%5.1%6/114.3%11.9%12.5%-0.6%
Steven Gee16,860,0008.5%9.1%9.7%10.5%11.3%12.3%13.1%13.5%11.8%9/110.0%8.4%8.5%-0.2%
Michael Esposito16,260,0008.2%8.8%9.5%10.2%11.2%12.2%13.3%14.0%12.7%10/19.1%7.6%8.2%-0.6%
Robert Salaburu15,155,0007.7%8.2%8.9%9.8%10.8%12.0%13.4%14.8%14.5%10/19.1%7.6%7.7%-0.1%
Jacob Balsiger13,115,0006.6%7.2%7.9%8.8%9.9%11.4%13.3%16.1%18.7%10/19.1%7.6%6.6%1.0%
Jeremy Ausmus9,805,0005.0%5.5%6.2%7.0%8.2%9.8%12.3%16.8%29.3%11/18.3%7.0%5.0%2.0%