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Poker Omnibus W50P Overview

Poker. Once a shady game played in smoky Wild West saloons. It became America's game, surpassing bridge sometime in the mid-twentieth century. Then it became the most popular game on the entire planet.

The World Series of Poker was the catalyst and main driving force of this transformation. As the game grew, it was also cleaned up. The WSOP became smoke-free in 2003. Cheating went from almost expected to extremely rare. Foul and abusive language went from common and expected to infrequent and punishable. With the reintroduction of team events in 2016, the WSOP even welcomed friends and families to play together.

To help celebrate 50+ years of the World Series of Poker, the Poker Omnibus W50P edition slices and dices over half a century of history, statistics, players, events, and hands. It will entertain you with stories of poker's past, chronicle all of the biggest winners (and Main Event runners-up and final tablists), explain every poker variant ever played at the WSOP, and enthrall you with tons of extras, including reviews of every major book written about the World Series of Poker and a new Page-a-Day style calendar.

Relive key hands, including every final hand, from the most famous poker tournament in the world. Track the Last Former Champ Standing, the Last Woman Standing, the Last Celebrity Standing, the Money Bubble Boy, and the Final Table Bubble Boy at each WSOP Main Event. Compare field sizes, top prizes, final tables, and much more in numerous sortable, configurable data tables.

Enjoy caricatures of every member of the Poker Hall of Fame, the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, WSOP Main Event Champions, WSOP Main Event Runners-Up, the Fifty Gala, and other Poker Greats in beautiful coverflow decks with baseball card-like stats on the backs.

The Poker Omnibus W50P has something for every fan of the World Series of Poker.

Note: All data is current through January 1, 2023.