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2017 WSOP Main Event Winner - Scott Blumstein

For the 2017 WSOP Main Event, 7,221 players entered the arena, but only one could survive. The third biggest Main Event, behind only the 8,773 in 2006 and the 7,319 in 2010 ended almost four months earlier than the last nine did, as the November Nine was nixed. But two former November Niners kept the party going by returning to the final table six years (Ben Lamb) and eight years (Antoine Saout) later, which was great for ratings while no women, no celebrities, and no former champs got anywhere near the final table.1

John Hesp, who started in second with nearly a quarter of the chips but got no respect from the oddsmakers, was the best this final table had to offer. The retired Brit, a recreational player with a loud jacket and infectious enthusiasm, brought energy and aggressive play to the table until his stack was decimated by a cooler against Scott Blumstein.2

Blumstein, who almost became the first player to start the final table with a hundred million chips (97,250,000), nearly a third more than 2016's chip leader Cliff Josephy, dominated the action after Hesp had a quick start, showing the table both bluffs and real hands. There were no very short stacks, but on just the fourth hand the bookies' darling, Ben Lamb, who started with the fewest chips, made a standard shove with A♥9♥, ran into Jack Sinclair's A♣Q♥ (all blanks on the board: 6♣5♦4♥3♣T♥), and was gone in ninth for an even million dollars.

Sinclair himself was out next, albeit a full sixty hands later, when he shoved with K♠J♠ and Piccioli woke up with A♠A♦.

Damian Salas exited in seventh on hand 102 with Aces in the hole when Ott rivered a wheel.

Piccioli was the short stack when he took a stand with A♣7♥, but he couldn't pair his Ace to beat Ott's K♠K♣ and was out in sixth.

Antoine Saout went to the rail in fifth when his three Jacks ran into Blumstein's unlikely 7-high straight.

Hesp's party ended when he desperately moved all-in with just 8♣7♣ and couldn't catch Benjamin Pollak's A♦J♠. Actually, he had one last moment of fame during this World Series, as he announced, 'Shuffle up and deal!' to start the final day of action.

The Main Event then almost finished on a double knockout for the first time.3

The short stack Pollak had shoved with Q♣T♦, and Dan Ott tried to isolate and knock him out, overshoving with K♣9♦. But Blumstein called them both with the best hand, A♥Q♠. Ott survived when he hit top pair on the K♦J♠3♦ flop, and Pollak missed his straight draw and was out in third when the turn 4♣ and river 6♠ bricked.

Sixty-five hands later, it was Blumstein's turn to get lucky. Having dominated heads-up play for the most part, Ott had begun a small comeback and was a single card away from doubling up to just a 3-to-2 deficit. Blumstein limped with A♥2♦, Ott shoved with A♦8♦, and Blumstein called. The board read J♠6♠5♥7♥, and Ott's Eight was winning the hand until the 3-outer 2♥ paired Blumstein's kicker and ended the tournament.

Blumstein wielded his big stack well and certainly earned the bracelet and the $8,150,000 first prize.

2017 Final Table Results

FinishPlayerPrizeStartStart Chips
1stScott Blumstein$8,150,000197,250,000
2ndDan Ott$4,700,000526,475,000
3rdBenjamin Pollak$3,500,000335,175,000
4thJohn Hesp$2,600,000285,700,000
5thAntoine Saout$2,000,000721,750,000
6thBryan Piccioli$1,675,000433,800,000
7thDamian Salas$1,425,000622,175,000
8thJack Sinclair$1,200,000820,200,000
9thBen Lamb$1,000,000918,050,000

2017 World Series of Poker Main Event Summary

Dates7/8/2017 to 7/23/2017
Players7,221 (1,084 cashed)
WinnerScott Blumstein ($8,150,000, U.S.)
Runner-UpDan Ott ($4,700,000)
Final Table Bubble BoyMichael Ruane (10th, $825,001)
Money Bubble BoyRoger Campbell,
Quan Zhou (1,085th)
Last Former Champ StandingScotty Nguyen (549th, $22,449)
Last Woman StandingYuan-Yuan Li (105th, $53,247)
Last Celebrity StandingRichard Seymour (did not cash)
In 50 Characters or LessBlumstein takes first post-November Nine title.

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