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Last Former Champion vs. Last Woman vs. Last Celebrity Standing in the WSOP Main Event

Women are the favorites each year to outlast the former Main Event champs and the celebrities in the WSOP Main Event. Women represent about four percent of the field, while there are currently only 32 former Main Event winners alive, several of whom are retired. The count of celebrities may be a little higher than 32 depending on how broadly you define "celebrity", but those players are significantly less skilled than the other two groups.

Here is a historical comparison of the best of these player pools, including only those who cashed (tap the above links to see complete lists). The last of the three to survive each year are in bold.

Last Former Champ vs. Last Woman vs. Last Celebrity Standing

YearPlaceLast ChampPlaceLast WomanPlaceLast Celebrity
19711Johnny Moss
19741Johnny Moss
19771Doyle Brunson
19795Johnny Moss
19802Doyle Brunson
19811Stu Ungar
19824Doyle Brunson
19833Doyle Brunson
19857Johnny Moss
19865Bill Smith25Wendeen Eolis21Gabe Kaplan
19879Jack Keller
19881Johnny Chan
19892Johnny Chan
19905Berry Johnston
199129Billy Baldwin13Gabe Kaplan
19927Johnny Chan21Telly Savalas
19934Mansour Matloubi19Marsha Waggoner
199416Mansour Matloubi10Barbara Samuelson
19954Hamid Dastmalchi5Barbara Enright26Hal Kant
199616Berry Johnston26Lucy Rokach24Hal Kant
19971Stu Ungar12Marsha Waggoner
199822Jack Keller10Susie Isaacs
19996Huck Seed21Hal Kant
200010Annie Duke
20015Phil Hellmuth
20033Dan Harrington47Annie Duke
20044Dan Harrington98Rose Richie
200525Greg Raymer15Tiffany Williamson93Nick Cassavetes
2006238Joe Hachem56Sabyl Cohen-Landrum196Rick Salomon
200711Scotty Nguyen38Maria Ho237Sully Erna
200845Phil Hellmuth17Tiffany Michelle104Kara Scott
200978Peter Eastgate27Leo Margets186Lou Diamond Phillips
2010156Johnny Chan121Breeze Zuckerman478Bruce Buffer
2011514Robert Varkonyi29Erika Moutinho94Mars Callahan
2012353Johnny Chan10Gaelle Baumann134Kevin Pollak
201310Carlos Mortensen31Jackie Glazier
2014DNCHuck Seed77Maria Ho348Jason White
2015121Jim Bechtel29Kelly Minkin286Fatima Moreira de Melo
2016122Greg Raymer102Gaelle Baumann
2017549Scotty Nguyen105Yuan-Yuan Li
20185Joe Cada50Kelly Minkin
2019455Qui Nguyen116Jill Bryant131Richard Seymour
202092Ryan Riess43Maria Ho
2021241Qui Nguyen64Dragana Lim
202227Damian Salas18Efthymia Litsou