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WSOP Main Event Streaks

Consecutive WSOP Main Event Wins

Four players have won the Main Event in consecutive years: Johnny Moss (1970 and 1971), Doyle Brunson (1976 and 1977), Stu Ungar (1980 and 1981), and Johnny Chan (1987 and 1988).1

Consecutive WSOP Main Event Final Tables

Technically, many players reached multiple consecutive final tables in the early years of the event, but it makes sense to restrict this to players who cashed: the winners until 1977, the top five from 1978 to 1980, the top six from 1981 to 2000 (when that was the televised final table size), and the top nine since 2001 (when the final table expanded to nine players).

Under these parameters, only Jesse Alto (1984-86) and Johnny Chan (1987-89) have reached three consecutive final tables. Eight players have reached back-to-back final tables: Johnny Moss (1970-71 and 1979-80), Doyle Brunson (1976-77 and 1982-83), Stu Ungar (1980-81), Jay Heimowitz (1980-81), Berry Johnston (1985-86), Bill Smith (1985-86), Dan Harrington (2003-04), and Mark Newhouse (2013-14). Newhouse accomplished the feat in by far the biggest fields: 6,352 and 6,683 players.

Consecutive WSOP Main Event Cashes

Ronnie Bardah set a new record by cashing in his fifth consecutive Main Event in 2014, breaking the record of four that he shared with Robert Turner (1991-94 including 6th place in 1994), Bo Sehlstedt (2004-07), Theodore Park (2005-08), Chris Bjorin (2008-11), Diogo Borges (2008-11), and Christian Harder (2010-13).

Liv Boeree and Melanie Weisner hold the women's record with three consecutive cashes from 2016 to 2018.

Argentina's Veronica Dabul was the first female to cash in consecutive Main Events, banking $39,445 for 314th in 2007 and $35,383 for 235th in 2008.

Consecutive WSOP Main Event Tournaments Played

Howard Andrew played in 45 consecutive Main Events from 1974 to 2018, passing Doyle Brunson for the most total Main Events.3

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