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Oldest WSOP Main Event Winners

Johnny Moss may have been the oldest winner by default when he was voted the winner of the 1970 World Series of Poker, but he was also 62 years old. He proceeded to break his own record a couple of times and still holds it.

The oldest person not named Moss to win the WSOP Main Event was Noel Furlong at 61 in 1999. Here are the ten oldest Main Event Champs (ages listed in years.months.days format):

Oldest WSOP Main Event Champions

66.11.27Johnny Moss1974
63.11.26Johnny Moss1971
62.11.24Johnny Moss1970
61.4.18Noel Furlong1999
55.1.25Hossein Ensan2019
52.4.12Hal Fowler1979
51.10.27Jack Straus1982
51.2.3Bill Smith1985
50.7.20Berry Johnston1986
49.5.12Dan Harrington1995


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