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WSOP Team Events

The new team event at the 2016 WSOP was a huge success. The old Mixed Doubles event never topped 52 pairs:

WSOP Mixed Doubles Champions

197925Starla Brodie & Doyle BrunsonEven though this is one of Brunson's ten bracelets, everyone still considers him tied with Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey.
198041Lynn Harvey & A.J. MyersEvent was contested in No Limit Hold 'Em (every other year was Seven-Card Stud, in which Myers won a solo $5,000 Limit event the next year!).
198152Juanda Matthews & Frank CardoneNeither player ever cashed in any other WSOP event (or any tournament the Hendon Mob Database tracks).
198244Dani Kelly & David SklanskyKelly never had another WSOP cash, while Sklansky has won over $1.3 million at the WSOP.
198325Donna Doman & Jim DomanThey became the first husband and wife to win WSOP bracelets.

2016 $1,000 Tag Team

The debut Tag Team tournament crushed that number with 863 teams and around 2,100 players.

Poker is usually an individual sport, so playing on teams made this tournament much more fun for many people. The low entry fee also helped significantly.

Among the 130 teams that cashed, 11 had four players (14.3%), 24 had three players (23.5%), and 95 had two players (62.1%).

The winning team was a pair of pros, Doug Polk and Ryan Fee ($153,358 for the team), while second place was a trio, Adam Greenberg, Niel Mittelman, and Gabriel Paul ($94,748). The top quad squad, finishing sixth, was Owais Ahmed, Bart Lybaert, Adam Owen, and Benny Glaser ($24,982).

The top all-in-the-family team, finishing ninth, was Jonathan Little and his parents, Rita and Larry ($10,724). They were also the top mixed-gender team and the top team that included a married couple.

The top all-female team, finishing 33rd, was Fatima Moreira de Melo (the Dutch field hockey player who was the Last Celebrity Standing in the 2015 Main Event) and Leo Margets (the Last Woman Standing at the 2009 Main Event).

Some other notable cashes included:

A few of the higher-profile teams that went home empty-handed included:

2017 $10,000 Tag Team

With the resounding success of the initial Tag Team event, the WSOP doubled down with two versions in 2017, adding a $10,000 buyin tournament, which drew 102 teams. A single quartet (6.3%), nine trios (56.3%), and six pairs (37.5%) made the money.

The winning team was the mixed team of Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov, who each earned their first bracelet while splitting $273,964. Second place was also a duo, Ankush Mandavia and Joe Kuether, who netted $169,323, while third place was the quartet of Mark Gregorich, Eric Wasserson, David Benyamine, and Daniel Negreanu, who earned $119,753. Fourth place was the top trio of Michael McClain, Anthony Ajlouny, and David Font.

No families or all-female teams were among the 16 teams that cashed.

2017 $1,000 Tag Team

Among the 126 teams that cashed, 15 had four players (11.9%), 22 had three players (17.5%), and 89 had two players (70.6%).

The top eight teams were all tandems, including Aditya Sushant and Nipun Java ($150,637 for 1st plus India's first WSOP bracelets),1 David Guay and Pablo Mariz ($93,074 for 2nd), and Michael Semenov and Kiryl Radzivonau ($65,190 for 3rd).

The top trio, in ninth for $10,475, was James Gibson, Rafael Lopez, and Joseph Choueiri. The top quartet, in twelfth for $8,148, was Ramon Bartsch, Brian McCann, Dimitry Novek, and Jan Bruhns.

The top mixed-gender team, finishing sixth for $12,215, was Esther Taylor and D.J. MacKinnon. The top all-in-the-family team, finishing fifteenth for $6,439, was Clayton Kalisek and Joseph Kalisek. No all-female team cashed.

2018 $1,000 Tag Team

A record 1,032 players entered the 2018 event, with 155 teams cashing -- 20 quartets (12.9%), 44 trios (28.4%), and 91 duos (58.7%).

The winning team was the mixed team of Giuseppe Pantaleo and Nikita Luther, who collected $175,805. Second place was a trio, Sho Mori, Hiroki Iwata, and Kazuki Ikeuchi ($108,604). The top quartet, finishing 15th, was Shalev Halfa, Tanya Pritchett, Sherry Dixon, and Paul Pritchett ($7,789).

The top all-female team, finishing ninth for $12,697, was Haixia Zhang, Loni Harwood, and Kelly Minkin. The top all-in-the-family team, finishing 78th, was Davis Aalvik and Hayden Aalvik, but honorable mention goes to the fourth-place team of Alexander Rocha, his girlfriend Megan Milburn, and her mom Joanne Milburn.

2019 $1,000 Tag Team

Attendance dropped very slightly, to 976 teams, and 147 teams made the money -- 19 quads (12.9%), 42 trips (28.6%), and 86 pairs (58.5%).

The winning team wasn't a duo for the first time, as Barak Wisbord, Daniel Dayan, and Ohad Geiger prevailed for $168,395. Second place was also a trio, Lawrence Chan, Jerod Smith, and Mathew Moreno ($104,025). The top pair in third was Anthony Zinno and John Hinds ($73,329), while the top quartet in sixth was Steve Sung, Danny Wong, Aaron Motoyama, and Chahn Jung ($27,864).

The top all-in-the-family team and simultaneously the top mixed team was Catherine Cristos, Jeffrey Cristos, and Jordan Cristos (13th for $7,372).

The top all-female team was Kimberly Moore and Jennifer Kersey (39th for $3,333).

2021 $1,000 Tag Team

Possibly as an accommodation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tag Team returned in 2021 but with only teams of two players. This helped to reduce the field to 641 teams (and only 1,282 players), with 97 pairs cashing.

The winning team ($113,366) was the American duo, Mike Ruter and Samy Dighlawi, who outbattled Israeli's Tomer Wolf and David Landell ($70,074) heads up.

Third place went to the top mixed team, Amanda Botfeld and her father David Botfeld ($49,512).

The top all-female team was Melanie Weisner and Xuan Liu (18th for $3,836).


Although the $10,000 Tag Team event has not returned, the $1,000-buyin version has been an incredible addition to the WSOP slate, drawing many players who would never otherwise play WSOP tournaments and teaming up friends, family, and sometimes almost complete strangers.

The event has also emphasized the World part of the World Series of Poker. After an American team won the inaugural event, the winning teams were an English-German pair, an Indian-American pair (both born in India), a German-Indian pair, and an Israeli trio.