Poker Omnibus W50P


Poker Omnibus W50P Help

The Poker Omnibus W50P can be navigated like any other website, but here are some additional details on some of its features.

Screen Types

On coverflow screens:

On text screens:

You can use your browser's bookmark feature to save off your favorite pages.


The following items appear on all screens, either in a header on smaller displays or in a sidebar on larger displays:

Navigation Buttons

Near the top of each screen are the following four icons:

Sharing Buttons

You can easily send any page via the social media buttons at the bottom. Note: these may be hidden if you are running an ad-blocker, although they're not really ads (there is a non-intrusive ad at the bottom of each page below them, however).

Contact Information

Questions and feedback are always welcome at All data is current as of January 3, 2021 with results from the online 2020 WSOP, including the hybrid $10,000 Main Event.